Home Loans

The primary product offered by Aptus is aimed at addressing the long term housing finance needs of our customers. The housing loan could be to

  • Construct a house/flat on the land owned

  • Purchase of a flat or a house from a builder

  • Construct or purchase a house/flat on a second hand basis

  • Renovation or extension of a house

  • Purchase of a plot of land for construction.

Loan amount

While the minimum amount is Rs 5,00,000 Aptus would be primarily be focusing on the affordable housing segment where the customers are buying or building homes of value between Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs and looking for finance between Rs 5 – Rs 25 lakhs.

The loan amount in case of Loan against property and renovation of existing homes would be lesser and Aptus would look at financing these needs for minimum loan value of Rs 5 lakhs.

Tenure and Funding

The maximum Tenure offered is 15 years and amounts upto 85% of the Value of the Property.

Interest Rate

The interest rate offered to the customers is based on the Aptus Base Rate. While offering the interest rate, Aptus would offer the following options to the customers.

PLR - 17.25%

Type Interest Rate PLR Less Spread


14.00% -15.50% *



14.00% -15.50% *


* The above standard rate of interest may have some changes base on the Credit Checks, property paper/Business vintage and other parameters with the appropriate approvals