Customer Profile

Self employed, Low/Middle Income Families, from rural/semi urban areas.

This is most of India. This is where the housing needs remain unmet. This precisely is the area Aptus would be focused. Aptus currently is financing customers in affordable housing (financing between 5-25 lakhs) with a focus on the self employed business segment. Most of the customers of Aptus belong to the self employed category and manage varied small businesses, provision shop, pharmacy, bakery, vegetable vendors, fruit merchants, two wheeler service centers, distributors, transportation and fancy stores are some of the customers financed by Aptus and who are proud owners of their own home today. Aptus gets closer to the customer and tries to understand the business and vocation, and income generation, aspiration and dreams, lifestyle and spending habits through personal discussion even in the absence of required income documents. So don’t hesitate, even if you don’t have all the required documents to avail a housing loan. We don’t finance paper. We finance people. We don’t analyze you through a plethora of income papers, proofs and documents. We come to you. We listen to you. We talk to you. We try to understand what is appropriate for you. We make an effort to understand your aspirations. Your dreams. And once we know you are making the right decision to own a home, we extend our support and help you own it.